By blending technical and marketing disciplines, as well as balancing growth opportunities with support for existing markets, Prodexim international aims to ensure that industry decision makers realise the full potential of concrete.

With over 25 corporate and individual members, those that seek to better understand concrete as key to a sustainable built environment include architects, designers, engineers, building contractors and students.

Prodexim is strategically located near Port of Montreal and major highways to facilitate the logistic aspect of the business.

With over 20 years of experience in the cement and concrete industry, Prodexim Int’l is an important North-American and growing player in the grinding aids business, cementitious materials and industrial products for different industries. Prodexim offers a wide spectrum of products but its ability in innovating custom-made products is its real competitive advantage. 


Prodexim business model is to create novel products with a scientific approach in a world of process. True technological collaboration contexts along with energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products are strategies that Prodexim is applying to capture its market position.

In a continuous shifting environment Prodexim understands the changing needs of our customers by remaining fully committed to offering novel technology which brings value-added products in the market value chain.

prodexim international has strong strength, advanced technology, trustable quality inspection methods, advanced management and good service after sales. In the new century, we will do more in pursuing high quality products and try our best to provide good service for every customer.