Prodexim international Mining Services is a leading provider of mining services and solutions. Our focus is on applying the expertise of our employees to attractive projects while pledging to deliver leading technology and overriding commitment to safe practices.


Contract mining is a form of outsourcing whereby a project owner retains an outside contractor to conduct all or a portion of mine development and operations. In providing contract mining services, Prodexim international draws upon its broad range of disciplines:

Engineering and estimating staff assesses mineable reserves based on geological reserve estimates provided by the owner Assesses mine feasibility and designs underground operations, including mine shafts, ore and waste handling systems, mine dewatering systems, backfill systems and ventilation systems Selecting and procuring equipment.

Determining manpower requirements. Once the feasibility and design of an underground mine has been established, Prodexim international is able to develop and operate the mine with its equipment, trained personnel and management systems.

Where it assumes responsibility for mine operation, Prodexim international hires staff, develops production budgets and schedules, produces reports, maintains regulatory permits and filings, manages operating staff and assumes overall responsibility for safety and loss control.


Cementitious products comprise the glue that holds concrete together. These materials include traditional Portland cement and other cementitious materials, such as fly ash, ground granulated blastfurnace slag (ggbs), limestone fines and silica fume. These materials are either combined at the cement works (to produce a composite cement) or at the concrete mixer when the concrete is being produced (the cementitious product is called a combination in this case).

Fly ash and ggbs are the most commonly used of these materials in canada. These secondary materials are useful by-products of other industrial processes, which would potentially otherwise be sent to landfill.